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now, many enterprises have established their own first-class stations on the Internet, but for enterprises, if their target users can't find the station, no matter how much investment is in vain. In this regard, enterprises usually rely on registered search engines to promote themselves. According to the international finance news, the universal experimental machine produced by Jinan experimental machine factory is still the first choice of many customers. Can it achieve good promotion effect as you wish? The answer is: No. There are more than files on the Internet every day, and the current total number of files on the Internet has exceeded 800million. According to the survey of Internet authorities, the best search engine in the world can only search 1/6 of all documents on the Internet. At the same time, the results retrieved by search engines are often hundreds of thousands of pages. People generally only have patience to scroll through the first 30 results. So for enterprises, can buyers find you on the Internet? First, it depends on your ranking in search engines and directories. Search engines have different sorting methods, so one page can rank first in one search engine, but it is likely to rank 4000 in another page. Search engines generally sort by the following factors, including: · prominence - the degree to which keywords or phrases are mentioned in the title, subtitle and page - the number of keywords or phrases appearing in the page - popularity - the number and weight of other external pages linked to the page - a comparison with the total number of words on the page, The number of times that keywords or phrases appear on this page · approximation ----- the closeness of keywords and Their Related words, the correlation and placement between phrases in the page ----- the location of keywords and phrases on the page, not to mention the content of introducing graphene into the interface layer of carbon fiber composite in search engine, which is diverse and informative, It is a complex and professional work for enterprises to count and analyze these sorting keywords and master the latest search engine technology for enterprise promotion. Experts pointed out that with the development of e-commerce, all kinds of information on the Internet are increasing. For enterprises, joining a professional trading station and using the business environment that has been established so that you can make a decision when selecting materials for enterprise promotion can avoid noise information, and the bank account number is 11171101040008202 to a good effect. Instead of letting your page disappear in the vast sea, it's better to choose a suitable professional trading station to help you promote it

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