The best choice for home decoration of fiberglass

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows is an ideal choice for home decoration. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a high-quality plastic composite material. It has high strength, moisture resistance, no deformation, aging resistance, easy coloring, low heat conduction, and the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is similar to glass. It is an ideal door and window frame material matching glass

1. Compared with plastic steel doors and windows, FRP does not use steel frame as the framework. Its own height is located in the national experimental machine production base, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing consumption but reaching the same or higher strength. Jinan strength performance can be completely self-supporting, compression resistant, bending resistant, deformation free and bending free

2. FRP is a high-quality composite material. It takes several months for acid, alkali and spandex industries to be put into mass production. Salt, oil and other corrosive media have special prevention functions, and will not rust

3. FRP can also resist aging. The service life of ordinary PVC is 15 years, and that of FRP can reach 50 years

4. The heat transfer coefficient of FRP doors and windows is far lower than that of metal materials, which has good heat preservation and sound insulation effects

5. The finishes of FRP doors and windows are rich in color, and will not fade after special surface treatment

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