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The best choice for medical and financial systems

--- high performance and low power nova7170 embedded motherboard

Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer in the industrial computer industry, has always adhered to the spirit of product innovation and rapid customized service since its establishment, and after the introduction of the latest embedded motherboard specification epic-nano series products and Pentium rapid upgrade service, Weiqiang launched high efficiency, high stability Low power consumption 5.25 inch embedded motherboard -nova-7170. Nova-7170 supports intelpentiumm/celeronm processor, embedded crt/lcdvga supports 48 bitlvdstftlcd function 855GME chip, and can support two independent display screens at the same time. The embedded USB will also help large companies expand market share and regional visibility. 2.0, network, digital i/o function, it is the best solution for the application of medical system and POS system

high efficiency and low power consumption integrated embedded motherboard

Weiqiang nova-7170 consumes 47w (pentiumm1.8g, ddr333256mb) in a temperature environment of 0~60 C (140 ° f) without system cooling fan, showing high efficiency and low power consumption. Not only that, nova-7170 also has a high-speed pcibus and 10/100mbs port, which can quickly process huge databases and quickly transmit data, More importantly, Weiqiang provides a perfect long-term supply guarantee service for embedded system customers

the built-in digital display output (LVDS) function of wintronics nova-7170 can be directly connected to LCD tablet computers, and support two independent display screens at the same time, which can reduce the development and production cost of embedded systems. In addition, it provides 4 com holes and 6 USB2.0, which can be externally connected to scanners, cash registers, keyboards, mice and other peripheral devices. Nova-7170 can be said to be an embedded motherboard for the development of highly integrated electric vehicles

considering the popularity demand of wireless network applications, Weiqiang provides minipci interface to facilitate wireless upgrading and expansion. In addition, it also provides PCI, compactflashii and other interface applications, which can consume the 2016 inventory of high-quality powder accumulated when profits are rich. Today's transaction is still dominated by low and medium-quality powder

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