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The opportunity has arrived, and the advanced manufacturing industry will have great prospects

China is a large manufacturing country, but it is not yet a manufacturing power. This clich é has become the prologue of almost every speaker. So, where is the leader in the journey of building a strong country? At the 2013 advanced manufacturing conference held on March 29, the participating experts unanimously voted for advanced manufacturing

Zhu sendi, special adviser of China Machinery Industry Federation, stressed that advanced manufacturing industry is an important way for China's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade, and will become the leading force for China to participate in international competition

at the meeting, Wang Weiming, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, made a keynote speech on behalf of deputy minister Su Bo, in-depth analysis of the current domestic and international situation facing the development of China's manufacturing industry. He stressed that in the face of future development and global competition, it is necessary to formulate guidelines for industrial development elements and technology roadmap, and scientifically guide the healthy development of industries, especially emerging advanced manufacturing industries

Grasp the strategic opportunity to lead the industrial revolution

zhusendi defines advanced manufacturing as a general term for manufacturing that constantly absorbs high and new technologies in information, machinery, materials and modern management, and applies these advanced technologies to all links and the whole process of manufacturing to achieve high-quality, efficient, low consumption, clean and flexible production, so as to achieve good economic, social and market benefits

if we use three words to describe the importance and urgency of developing advanced manufacturing industry in China, Zhu Shengdi believes that it is imperative, urgent and far-reaching

at present, the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry faces many problems. For example, the constraints of resources and environment are extremely prominent, industrial development is weak, industrial technological innovation ability is weak, the task of industrial structure adjustment is very arduous, and the transformation of development mode is very difficult. In order to realize the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, it is imperative to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry

as the era of labor dividends in China's manufacturing industry is coming to an end, many developing countries have accepted many transferred industries, posing a challenge to China's manufacturing industry. If the United States and other industrialized countries lead a new round of industrial revolution, they will regain their manufacturing advantages. In order to prevent China's manufacturing industry from falling into the situation of being surrounded before and chased after, it is urgent to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry

it is certain that advanced manufacturing is the development direction of manufacturing. The development of advanced manufacturing will make it possible for China to play an important role in the third industrial revolution, lead China's manufacturing industry to walk out of a new path of development, greatly support China's national economic development and national defense construction, and accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing has a far-reaching impact

based on a comprehensive analysis of the current domestic and international situation faced by the development of China's manufacturing industry, Wang Weiming pointed out that wood plastic materials have thermoplastic products and both have the texture of natural wood. Internationally, international industrial adjustment and new technological revolution are advancing. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are being gestated, and the competition around the commanding heights of scientific and technological and industrial development is becoming increasingly fierce. China must closely follow the process of the third industrial revolution, achieve catch-up development in key areas on the basis of existing industries, and narrow the gap with the international advanced level. At the same time, the Reindustrialization of developed countries and the accelerated rise of emerging economies will lead to in-depth adjustment of the world industrial development pattern. The global demand structure will undergo profound changes, and the international market environment and governance structure will become more complex

domestically, China is in the critical stage of accelerating the transformation from the middle stage of industrialization to the late stage. The development of manufacturing industry is entering a new stage and at a new turning point. High speed growth is no longer sustainable, medium speed development will become the norm, and the long-term accumulation of deep-seated contradictions will form a forced mechanism, Rick heggs, senior marketing manager of new Battelle, which has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, said in an interview with plastics on April 15: "The sale of plasticizers deviates a little from the traditional business stage of PolyOne. At the same time, the basic factors supporting the long-term development of China's manufacturing industry have not changed, and some positive conditions and favorable factors are taking shape. It can be considered that the development of China's manufacturing industry is facing a period of strategic opportunities for transformation and upgrading.

advanced manufacturing industry will become the leading force for China to participate in international competition. In Zhu sendi's view, the development of China's advanced manufacturing industry It has a certain foundation, but there is a big gap compared with the advanced level of the United States and other countries. If the strategy is correct, the measures are effective, and collaborative innovation is realized, China's advanced manufacturing industry will have greater development and take the lead in some fields after ten or twenty years of efforts

strengthen top-level design to tackle key technologies

experts at the meeting believed that the development of advanced manufacturing industry should first strengthen top-level design and raise the development of advanced manufacturing industry to a national strategy

at the policy level, the 18th CPC National Congress has put forward new requirements for the development of advanced manufacturing. Wang Weiming stressed that we should deeply understand and grasp the new requirements, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the healthy development of advanced manufacturing industry. That is, fully understand the importance of developing the real economy with advanced manufacturing as the core, and consolidate the foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society. Grasp the relationship between steady growth and structural adjustment, and the focus of macro-control should be more focused on structural optimization, transformation and upgrading

Wang Weiming said that in the coming period, we should focus on five aspects of work and tasks around the strategic deployment of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. First, accelerate the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy. Coordinate the top-level design of the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and strengthen the research of core key technologies and common technologies. Second, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Insist on using information technology and advanced applicable technology to transform traditional industries, deepen the integrated application of information technology in various industries, improve the informatization level of R & D and design, production process, production equipment, operation and management, and improve the innovation and development ability of traditional industries. Third, accelerate the healthy development of strategic emerging industries. Strengthen overall planning, implement major national science and technology projects, focus on breaking through key core technologies in key areas such as high-end equipment, system software, and key materials, and strive to improve the R & D and system integration level of key basic components, basic processes, basic materials, and basic manufacturing equipment. Fourth, actively promote the development of green, circular and low-carbon industries. We will improve incentive and restraint mechanisms, explore new mechanisms and models for green development, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial system, and promote the coordinated development of industrial civilization and ecological civilization. Fifth, accelerate the implementation of the "going out" strategy. Form new export competitive advantages with technology, brand, quality and service as the core

at present, China's advanced manufacturing industry is roughly composed of two parts. One part is that the traditional manufacturing industry is upgraded to advanced manufacturing industry after absorbing and integrating advanced manufacturing technology and other high and new technologies, especially information technology, such as CNC machine tools, marine engineering equipment, aerospace equipment, aviation equipment, etc; The other part is the new industry formed after the industrialization of emerging technological achievements, with basic and leading industries, such as incremental manufacturing, biological manufacturing, micro nano manufacturing, etc

Zhu sendi believes that in the next decade, the manufacturing industry in China will be more personalized, more prominent service characteristics, more friendly and open-source manufacturing process, more active and common network-based manufacturing, and manufacturing will become an economic activity with higher efficiency and better quality

he suggested that we should pay close attention to the development of the following revolutionary technologies: renewable energy (new energy); New materials: basic research on the milling technology of composite materials and various materials; Large capacity energy storage technology (hydrogen energy storage); Energy interconnection (distributed electricity); Decentralized manufacturing (network manufacturing, cloud manufacturing), customized production, cluster effect, niche thinking; Biotechnology and nano manufacturing technology; Digital manufacturing technology, intelligent integrated manufacturing technology; Incremental manufacturing technology

experts at the meeting believed that the advanced manufacturing industry will become a powerful tool to lead China's manufacturing industry from big to strong. Liu Baicheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that advanced manufacturing technology is the basic technology of manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, and is crucial to economic development and national security. He believes that the development trend of advanced manufacturing technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the integration of manufacturing technology and high technology (high-tech), what matters need to be paid attention to? For example, aircraft engine and heavy gas turbine manufacturing technology. The second is digital intelligent manufacturing technology. Third, manufacturing technology (large-scale) under extreme working conditions. Fourth, clean and sustainable manufacturing technology (lightweight, precision and green)

Liu Baicheng suggested that in the process of developing advanced manufacturing technology, we should increase R & D investment, especially strengthen the construction of collaborative innovation alliance between enterprises and universities

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