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Univenture launches special environmental protection packaging solutions

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univenture invents, manufactures and provides innovative packaging alternatives, which is environmentally responsible for the cost and increases functional efficiency. From September 29 to October 1, booth 7a - 423 in fachpack in Nuremberg, Germany, the company will showcase its innovative ecoendure?, EnvyPak?, Safety sleeve? And unikeep? Packaging products, as well as CD insertion automation, custom printing, packaging and execution capabilities. Fachpack will work together with Printpack and logintern locations

fachpack provides an excellent opportunity to introduce our company and our innovative, environmentally friendly packaging products and CD-ROM insertion automation functions to international packaging professionals. Univenture makes a wide range of commercial products and packaging. Our unique packaging solution is a cross industry, which must seek environmentally friendly packaging options and the ideal of multiple applications, said Ross youngs, CEO and founder of univenture

fachpack is celebrating the 30th exhibition of innovative packaging products and highly specialized packaging machinery in 2009. The program is expected to involve 34000 experts in the growth markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, France and central and Eastern Europe

since its establishment in 1988, univenture has provided innovative, environmentally conscious, customizable and cost-effective packaging and storage options in the packaging industry, as well as automated packaging machinery if the project succeeds in achieving the desired results. An award-winning manufacturer of invention and document and media packaging products, Univ can really think that we supply a lot of intuitive and useful information, such as commercial products or a full range of eco-friendly materials, including recycled polypropylene and other material packages. The company's design team has been developing packaging solutions that balance long-term expertise with the value of efficient and effective materials and manufacturing processes

in response to concerns about the global environment, univenture's unique manufacturing technology, innovative capabilities and transformation allow it to provide different material choices, in line with specific environmental impact goals. The company's EC has since opened the prelude to the development of synthetic resin and plastic processing industry. Oendure's brand commitment is to environmental protection packaging principles, including 'reduction, reuse, recycling as the center,' as well as key design principles of function, efficiency and protection

using environmentally friendly and renewable polypropylene and PLA films, univenture's patented U - 1000 technology disc produces large quantities of packaging, and provides cost-effective solutions for automated applications. When the safety requirements of graphic discs and packaging, a complete set of programs, including graphic insertion, printing, labeling and embossing, is convenient and economical to produce

univenture's core products and brands will therefore be exhibited during fachpack. The company has a wide range of innovations and green packaging options for its product line. It also offers customized design solutions, printing and performance capabilities, and solutions to a variety of demanding packaging challenges

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