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Unified lubricants appeared at the China Construction machinery marketing conference

bring together industry elites to discuss options. From October 23 to October 25, 2018, the "China Construction machinery marketing & Post Market Conference" jointly guided by the agent working committee of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the maintenance and remanufacture branch was grandly held in Hangzhou. The conference gathered nearly 40 speakers, including experts from outside the construction machinery industry, leaders of manufacturers and agents, and experts in the field of maintenance and remanufacture. They focused on "choices in the high tide period", deeply analyzed the development trend of the industry, and offered suggestions and suggestions for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Mr. Ding Ren, senior marketing manager of unified lubricant B2B, was invited to attend and delivered a speech with the theme of "lubrication management solutions for non road equipment", which was highly praised by the guests

China Construction machinery marketing post market conference aims to discuss the focus issues in the marketing field of the construction machinery industry and the new direction and technology of post market services. It is an annual event highly valued by manufacturers, agents and technical service providers in the construction machinery industry. As an important part of the post market of construction machinery, the development of lubricating oil plays an important role in the overall development of the construction machinery industry, is of great significance to promote the development of the industry, and is an indispensable member of each conference. At this conference, Mr. Ding Ren, senior marketing manager of unified lubricant B2B, based on the lubricant industry, analyzed the changes in the market environment of non road equipment, provided systematic and sustainable lubricant solutions for non road equipment, and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the construction machinery industry

figure: 2018 China Construction machinery marketing & Post Market Conference summit dialogue

Mr. Ding Ren elaborated on the maintenance scenario of non road equipment in the report, showing detailed data on lubrication management of large fleets and large leasing companies. These "first-hand information" will provide reliable data support for unified lubricants to accurately grasp the future development direction of the industry and formulate more targeted market expansion measures. At the same time, the report explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the three camps of non road equipment lubrication standards (International OEM, well-known oil companies and domestic OEM), and points out that there is still much room for improvement in the field of construction machinery lubricants in the future. In addition, unified lubricants provides detailed solutions for the whole system components of non road equipment, and has developed professional solutions for different scenarios such as mining industry and mixing plant industry, which greatly meets the use needs of customers in different situations and scenarios

figure: Mr. Ding Ren, senior marketing manager of unified lubricating oil B2B, delivered a keynote speech

"unified heiyishan series products comply with the development trend of the three international technical systems, and China is no exception. The product performance fully meets the mainstream OEM specifications and the performance of imported main friend products." In his speech, Mr. Ding Ren said that as a domestic professional lubricant manufacturer, the comprehensive strength of uni president lubricants is among the best in China. So far, it has been technically recognized by more than 100 OEM manufacturers and has a number of authoritative qualification certificates. On the other hand, unified product performance and comprehensive solutions have also been recognized by the market. At present, there are dozens of customers who have reached a stable and long-term commercial vehicle and equipment cooperation with unified, and they have been trusted and praised by thousands of major customers. They are industry leaders in brand, production capacity and sales volume

figure: the characteristics and advantages of 2018 China Construction machinery aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine in exploring a new development path of plastic granulator Technology (2): Marketing & post marketing conference Marketing Summit Forum

as an important "power source" for the development of the lubricating oil industry, the development trend of the construction machinery industry is also a "barometer" for the development of the lubricating oil industry. Since 2013, China's construction machinery industry has ushered in a long trough period, during which the sales of lubricating oil fell by more than 2million tons. It was not until 2017 that the heavy domestic infrastructure investment and the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy swept away the haze for many years and ushered in a new outbreak period. According to the report on the situation and development of China's construction machinery industry, in 2017, the sales volume of major products in the construction machinery industry increased by 45.7% year-on-year, and the export volume increased by 18.5%. Under the background of the superposition of various advantages, experts predict that the growth of the whole construction machinery industry in 2018 will be about 10%. As one of the rigid needs of the construction machinery industry, the lubricant industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities

figure: Mr. Ding Ren, senior marketing manager of unified lubricant B2B

set sail from a new starting point and forge ahead on a new journey. "Uni president lubricants will respond to the fierce market competition and industrial changes with Bayer materials technology and its long-term experience in Europe. It will move forward with great energy, meet the opportunities, face the challenges, accurately grasp the new trends and trends of the industry development, glow the endogenous force with scientific and technological innovation, win the trust of more customers and markets with high-quality products and services, and promote the engineering machine while leading the upward development of the brand." The machinery industry has achieved rapid and sustainable development. " Said Mr. Ding Ren, senior marketing manager of unified lubricant B2B

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