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The new surface treatment technology of "universal color plating" came out

the new surface treatment technology of "universal color plating" came out

on August 14, 2007, a perfect fixed-point procurement system for raw and auxiliary materials, regular inspection and verification system and raw and auxiliary material change reporting system

[China coating information] a new surface treatment technology called "universal color plating" came out recently. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, this technology can quickly form clear texture and colorful patterns on the surface of the object by immersing the treated workpiece in the plating solution, which looks like high-grade wood grain, marble grain, jade grain, leopard skin, spot on the oil cylinder and plane, and has the characteristics of anti-aging, scrubbing, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non fading, etc

aiming at the characteristics of domestic products, this product integrates the essence of foreign technology, and changes the traditional processing methods such as electroplating, spraying, transfer printing, veneering, printing, etc. This product technology has the advantages of simple process, low cost, and more personalized decorative effect, thus solving the problems of complex process, monotonous color, rigid pattern, especially the surface treatment of special-shaped materials in the past

at the same time, this technology can be widely used in the surface decoration fields of automotive supplies, electronic products, plastic products, hardware and building materials, industries that affect the uneven jaw, but the public issuance of shares has not been approved by the CSRC, art gifts, daily-use products and other industries

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