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A unit receives a 5000 yuan ticket! Qingdao has become the first city in Shandong Province to enforce garbage classification. Release date: Source: Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian. Qingdao is really punished for not classifying garbage. On January 6, the measures of Qingdao for the administration of domestic waste classification (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") was officially implemented. Qingdao has entered the era of mandatory waste classification, and Qingdao has also become the first city in Shandong to enforce waste classification. On the same day, Qingdao Municipal Administration Bureau organized a special law enforcement action on waste classification. On the same day, the city issued 53 responsibility correction documents and filed (punished) 18 cases

in the morning of January 6, in the special law enforcement action of garbage classification jointly carried out by Qingdao garbage classification office and Qingdao Urban Administration Bureau, at about 9:40, law enforcement officers found that the clerk of a chain store did not classify and put domestic garbage according to the regulations, so they imposed an administrative penalty of 20 according to Article 315 of the measures. "This merchant piled the garbage outside the door, and did not classify the garbage. There was soup and water in the garbage bag. We took criticism and education as the purpose, and imposed a fine of 20 on it, focusing on educating the general public and businesses to invest in garbage classification." According to Jin liangmu, deputy commander of Jinmen road squadron of Shinan District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau

on the first day of the implementation of the measures, Qingdao dispatched a total of more than 830 law enforcement personnel, more than 1520 checkpoints, distributed more than 4500 understanding papers, issued 53 responsibility correction documents, and filed (punished) 18 cases. In addition to the inspection of personal household garbage, law enforcement officers have also carried out key inspections of hotels, banks and other units. Laoshan District issued a 5000 ticket to Qingdao Laoshan RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. in accordance with the law because the garbage cans were not set up to the standard. After the formal implementation of the measures, nearly a thousand high-tech enterprises specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of analytical instruments have emerged from these enterprises in Qingdao. The first one issued to the unit in Qingdao is to make the steel ball align with the center of the fixture and fix the ticket. According to the staff of Qingdao Laoshan District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, during the law enforcement inspection of Qingdao Laoshan RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. that morning, it was found that the unit did not set up domestic waste classification and collection containers as required, and lacked garbage cans for collecting hazardous waste, in violation of the provisions of Article 13, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Qingdao Municipal measures for the classification and management of domestic waste, and was ordered to make corrections within a time limit

in addition, the "Qingdao city administrative punishment discretion benchmark" was also issued and implemented recently. The "discretion benchmark" stipulates five levels: mild, general, heavy, serious and especially serious. Units that fail to classify and put domestic waste in accordance with the provisions of these measures will be fined not less than 5000 but not more than 50000, and individuals will be fined not more than 200. If hazardous waste is mixed with other kinds of domestic waste, the penalty will be increased by one order according to the above discretion benchmark. In the links of domestic waste collection, transportation and disposal, the "discretionary benchmark" also gives a clear benchmark for administrative punishment

the daily output of domestic waste in Qingdao is 3700 tons.

the introduction of detailed rules such as the "discretion benchmark" reflects Qingdao's determination to classify garbage. In the face of the dilemma of "garbage besieging the city", the severe situation of instigating the light is forcing garbage classification. It is shown that the daily output of domestic waste in Qingdao is 3700 tons, and nearly 2 kilograms of waste are thrown per capita every day. This figure is still growing. In this case, waste classification is imperative. Next, Qingdao's urban management (comprehensive) law enforcement departments will continue to strengthen the linkage with management departments, promote the formation of classification habits by strict law enforcement, carry out irregular law enforcement inspections from the four links of delivery, collection, transportation and disposal, and resolutely deal with those who do not change their educational responsibilities or cause serious consequences in accordance with the law

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