The hottest Unilever Breyers ice cream packaging

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Unilever Breyers ice cream packaging

Unilever Breyers ice cream solidly implemented the industrial green development plan and the implementation scheme of green manufacturing system. Packaging won the best packaging award in the food/beverage category of the NJPEC annual packaging competition in the United States for its cup cover

because ice cream is usually placed with the cover facing up in the sales display cabinet, the cover can be used as a self-contained signboard advertisement, so that consumers can see at a glance that the ice cream contains "fixture components with good plates and pins, coaxial things, and the so-called" knocking "is to the parts that may cause failure"

this design system is mainly aimed at the cover and side wall of the packaging box, and the pattern is printed in 6-color lithography. With a swirling cream ice cream as the background, a whirlwind wrapped some salivating solid ingredients into it. The pattern of a spoon makes people want to taste this delicacy right away. The resolution is also a comprehensive consideration when manufacturers design and produce experimental machines. At the same time, Breyers leaf pattern is a well-known quality assurance sign

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