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Unimat colorful Guangzhou SIAF exhibition

on March 7 and 9, 2012, the three-day SIAF Exhibition (China Guangzhou international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition) was grandly held in Pazhou Pavilion of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair

more than 400 enterprises from 15 countries and regions participated in this exhibition, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters. As the annual exhibition of the automation industry, SIAF is undoubtedly a weathervane for the development of the industry, and all well-known enterprises in the industry are also present. The annual SIAF exhibition is also the most influential automation professional exhibition in South China. Based on the important position of the exhibition, Yiwei once again chose this exhibition as the stage for the debut of unimat PLC

at this exhibition, unimat Yiwei appeared in full dress with the newly launched un200 Series CPU, which was in full bloom. Yiwei un200 Series CPU has strong anti-interference and high-speed data processing capabilities. At the same time, it has outstanding communication capabilities and expansion capabilities. It has larger data storage space, integrated Ethernet interface, built-in Modbus TCP protocol, and can maintain power down data for up to 10 years. At the same time, it is perfectly compatible with S. it supports STEP7 microwin programming, a real lightweight product, and is the first choice for the overall control scheme of high-performance automation. On the booth, Yiwei CPU was also the most eye-catching. Many customers continued to stop to watch the demonstration system scheme of un200 Series CPU, and carefully asked for technical parameters and other details. The demonstration scheme of CPU has left a deep impression on industry users

at the same time, unimat also showed a full range of un200 series digital/analog modules, un300 series digital/analog modules, as well as PLC power supply, guide rail, front connector and other accessories, which also attracted customers' attention. The customer is constantly meticulous 8 No pollution, etc. watch and carefully consult professional and technical problems

in addition, Yiwei also showed the typical application cases of unimat PLC in blow molding machine and blast furnace automation industry to the majority of industry people. In fact, Yiwei products have been widely used not only in blow molding machines and blast furnace automation, but also in metallurgy, water treatment, cement, new energy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile and other industries, and have been highly praised by users. The application of Yiwei in the solution fully shows the diversified application and adaptability of Yiwei products, and comprehensively serves all aspects of the automation field

in the face of the following Chinese and foreign audiences and new and old users who have visited one after another, the staff of Yiwei are very busy receiving, guiding, providing advice and distributing materials. An endless stream of professional visitors shows the huge market demand in South China

as a leading supplier of PLC professional products and solutions in the industry for convenient and comfortable operation, Yiwei has always adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "quality is better than heart", taking quality as the soul of the enterprise and innovation as the driving force of development. In this way, Yiwei products with high quality, high stability and high cost performance are one of the main agenda of the conference, which has been recognized by the majority of customers. This exhibition not only enhanced the communication and exchange between Yiwei and users in South China, but also provided strong support for Yiwei to further expand the market in South China

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