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After more than two years of construction and commissioning, Shahu Paper Group, one of the key industrial sewage discharge enterprises of Ningxia paper enterprises, finally achieved the national water pollutant discharge standard for the paper industry, and recently passed the acceptance of the project expert group organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the autonomous region

Ningxia Shahu Paper Group Co., Ltd. mainly uses wheat straw as raw material and uses caustic anthraquinone cooking method to produce household paper and carton board. In recent years, while the enterprise continues to expand production, industrial pollution is also increasingly serious. Enterprises discharge 20000 tons of production wastewater from the Yellow River every day, causing serious pollution. For this reason, enterprises have been repeatedly required by the autonomous region and Shizuishan municipal government to treat within a time limit, and environmental treatment has become a "bottleneck" that restricts the expansion and development of enterprises

for the development of the enterprise, the company resolutely decided to invest heavily in sewage treatment. After many investigations and investigations, they decided to adopt the relatively mature acid precipitation lignin and physicochemical biochemical treatment technology for the treatment of papermaking black liquor, and entrusted the environmental science and Engineering Center of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Design Institute of China Light Industry and Shaanxi University of science and technology to determine the design, commissioning and operation of the wastewater treatment project

at the beginning of March last year, the civil engineering started, and the whole project was completed in September 2002. Then its material cost was only about 1% of the price of silver, and it entered the monomer and system linkage commissioning, and the cultivation and domestication of microorganisms in the aeration tank. In mid March this year, the treatment system gradually turned into normal, and the effluent gradually reached the national discharge standard of water pollutants for paper industry

however, when the enterprise was preparing to report to the environmental protection department for acceptance of the comprehensive treatment project, they found that the concentration of black liquor was low and the amount was large during the operation of the equipment, and there was residual black liquor mixed in the middle water, which had a certain impact on the system treatment. For this reason, the enterprise resolutely decided to install all kinds of special fixtures and accessories on the black liquor extraction system to carry out technical transformation again, invested 800000 yuan to install two new screw extruders, adjusted the process plan, so that the black liquor extraction rate was large, and then improved the cleaning range from the following three aspects

since the operation in August, the operation of each treatment unit, structure and equipment of the system has reached normal and remained stable. The statistics of water quality monitoring data, COD, pH value and other technical indicators of the treated effluent meet the national standards. After that, the enterprise entrusted the environmental monitoring center station of the autonomous region to monitor and comprehensively evaluate the system. According to the final test report, the wastewater treatment system of Shahu paper industry operates reliably and discharges at the same time when it meets the standard

it is understood that the total investment of Shahu paper industry wastewater comprehensive treatment project is 17.32 million yuan, which can treat 1500 tons of black liquor and 20750 tons of comprehensive wastewater per day

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