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Shahe glass is expected to connect with the cooperation projects of provincial enterprises

on July 1, the stability is good. On July 8, the provincial SASAC, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government held a cooperation project scheduling meeting to schedule the matters previously agreed. Wang Chang, director of the provincial SASAC, and Zhang gujiang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meng Xiangwei, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, presided over the meeting. Wei Jianchang, deputy director of the provincial SASAC, and Lu Hongchang, Zhang Mingjie, and Liu Biao, municipal leaders, attended the meeting

on March 27 this year, Zhang gujiang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, led the responsible comrades of relevant departments directly under the municipal government to visit the provincial SASAC in the provincial capital. It was a little wasteful to replace new machines and invite special personnel to repair. Fast Xingtai development sought support and help. The leaders of the provincial SASAC attached great importance to the docking activities in our city and gave strong support to the docking matters. The two sides also formed meeting minutes on the docking projects and agreed matters, defining the unit and completion time limit. The purpose of this meeting is to schedule the agreed matters and projects

at the meeting, Jizhong energy group, Hebei Construction Investment Group, Hebei airport management group and Hebei Tourism Investment Group communicated with relevant departments and enterprises of our city on Xingtai Grand Canyon project, Ningjin salt chemical project, Xingtai cogeneration, Xingtai railway, Xingtai airport, Southern Hebei logistics center, Shahe glass logistics park and other projects expected by 2017. Both sides said that they should further strengthen communication and cooperation, go all out to promote project construction and ensure early results

Wang Chang pointed out that the Xingtai municipal Party committee and government fully promoted the cooperation with provincial state-owned enterprises, which reflected their concern for the development of state-owned enterprises in the transition period and found the entry point for the integrated development of local and state-owned economy. The provincial SASAC must take this cooperation with Xingtai as a model of cooperation between the provincial SASAC and local governments. He said that the provincial SASAC will fully implement the implementation opinions of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development outline, and Take Hebei as an opportunity to build a national trade logistics base to help Xingtai build a first-class logistics base with exemplary significance. He asked all provincial enterprises to play an exemplary role, increase support for Xingtai, fully promote established projects, actively plan new projects, and make their best contribution to the leapfrog development and green rise of Xingtai

Zhang gujiang thanked the provincial SASAC and provincial state-owned enterprises for their strong support for Xingtai, which was the third manufacturing scandal in Japan in recent three months. He said that the current macroeconomic situation is still grim and complex, and the production and operation of a large number of enterprises, including state-owned enterprises in Xing Province, are facing unprecedented challenges, but we should not only feel pressure, but also see opportunities. In particular, it should be noted that compared with a few years ago, Xingtai has greatly improved its infrastructure, gradually increased the carrying capacity of resources and environment, increasingly prominent comparative advantages, and great changes have been made in its development environment and political ecology. It is a promising and promising dynamic new city. It is hoped that the provincial enterprises will further strengthen their confidence in developing in Xing and be confident to start businesses in Xing. He stressed that every effort should be made to implement the current projects in place. He hoped that the provincial enterprises would step up their efforts to promote the projects that have reached an agreement, do everything possible to speed up the investment progress, and strive to promote the early construction and production of the projects. At the same time, it is hoped that provincial enterprises will take Xingtai as a key area for transformation and development, further expand cooperation fields, plan more large projects and new projects, and achieve greater development of enterprises while supporting Xingtai, so as to truly realize mutual benefit and win-win results at a deeper and broader level. He asked all relevant departments directly under the municipal government to further enhance their awareness of the overall situation, cooperate well with provincial enterprises in ideology, basic work and policy, and truly actively support, fully cooperate and actively serve. We should establish a problem orientation, and do a good job in coordination and liaison, docking, running and other work. Strictly implement one project, one leader, one team, one plan and one focus to the end, provide "nanny" services for enterprises and ensure the smooth progress of various projects

comrades in charge of relevant departments of the provincial SASAC, relevant departments directly under the municipal government and relevant counties, cities and enterprises attended the meeting

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