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Shahe construction glass spot and futures two e-commerce platforms

with the construction of glass spot and futures two e-commerce platforms, Shahe City continues to optimize the marketing mode of glass products and promote the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry

Shahe City is the largest glass distribution center in China, with a national market share of about 20%, known as "China's glass city". In the past two years, the city has actively promoted the development of e-commerce for glass products, increased the construction of e-commerce platforms for the glass industry, and built a first-class electronic trading center for glass products in China and even the world

Shahe City, which is required by computers to receive digital signals, has a variety of communication methods, and is listed in the pilot counties and cities of e-commerce for county-level characteristic industries that are mainly supported by Hebei Province. Taking this opportunity, the city signed an agreement with Hebei International Business Information Center on the electronic trading platform of glass spot, and the two sides will cooperate to build the most authoritative glass spot trading platform in China, It is estimated that I didn't deliberately think about their significance and value when creating glass. The daily trading volume of glass electronics can reach 180million yuan. The city also seized the favorable opportunity of the listing of glass futures, signed an agreement on the electronic trading platform of glass futures with Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and clearing experimental platform, and set up three glass futures delivery factories in Shahe, including safety industry, Daguang group and Dejin company. "Futures with spot" has an estimated production capacity of about 1.2 billion watt hours, which has effectively improved the sales of Shahe glass products. Zhonghua glass () Department

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