The hottest Shahe coal-fired glass production line

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Shahe coal-fired glass production line may be shut down as scheduled, and the soda ash market is weak.

in the traditional peak season in October, with the expected shutdown of some coal-fired production lines in Shahe region, the glass spot market has seen a regional sharp rise. The monthly cumulative rise in Shahe region, which has a great increase, includes specific processing suggestions from solvent to cooling, of 112 yuan. There was no new or ignition production line in October. The production capacity of glass in production was 929.1 million heavy containers, down 2.4 million heavy containers month on month. After excluding zombie capacity, the utilization rate of glass capacity was 82.87%, unchanged month on month

zhanwangyue is a road full of thorns. In terms of production capacity, there is currently no plan to add new production lines, and the resumption of cold repair capacity in the early stage is uncertain. The focus of the supply side is on whether the remaining coal-fired production lines in Shahe area can be shut down as scheduled before the end of the month. Cost profit: the supply of domestic soda ash market exceeds the demand, and the weak cost is conducive to the profit of glass production, laying a good foundation for the better development of "1035" and maintaining it at a high level. In terms of inventory, the inventory of glass production has been reduced in the peak season, but it is still not low year-on-year. Unless it is forced to stop, it is expected to maintain high construction under high profits. In November, the inventory of production enterprises may show seasonal accumulation. On the whole, glass consumption in November was less seasonal, but the expectation of production line shutdown in Hebei may continue to boost the market, while high profits and not low inventory may limit the upward space of prices

the domestic soda ash market basically maintained stable operation, and the prices of individual enterprises decreased, but there was no substantive impact on the overall market. At present, the units of soda ash enterprises are operating normally, the social inventory of the market is about 460000 tons, the downstream demand is general, and the phenomenon of supply exceeding demand has appeared. Due to the maintenance of some enterprises, the inventory is low, which has played a certain support to the market. However, due to the inhibition of demand, it is expected that the domestic soda ash market will be vulnerable in the short term

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