Design of street lamp monitoring terminal based on

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Design of street lamp monitoring terminal based on GPRS

the operation quality of urban street lamp system reflects the level of urban economic development from one side, and directly affects the external image of the city. In recent years, with the development and expansion of urban construction, street lamp lighting projects have also expanded to suburban, urban and rural areas. These new street lamp lighting systems are far away from the relay stations of the original street lamp monitoring system, and the signals of the wireless analog control system cannot realize the desired and effective coverage of such areas, resulting in the inability to effectively manage and maintain the new street lamp terminals, which greatly affects 6 With simple calibration function, the stable operation of the street lamp system is achieved. Therefore, it is of practical significance to develop a street lamp monitoring system that is not subject to regional restrictions and radio interference

in this paper, GPRS network is introduced into the street lamp monitoring system, and a new street lamp monitoring system - GPRS street lamp remote monitoring system is proposed. The hardware part of the system takes picl6f877 single chip microcomputer as the core, uses ADE7758 chip to collect the data with a very wide utilization direction of field voltage and current, and uses GPRS communication module to transmit the data to realize the processing of field data

composition of street lamp monitoring system

hardware 2 and strength 1 general equipment of street lamp monitoring system are shown in Figure L, which is mainly composed of three parts: monitoring and dispatching center, GPRS communication network, and street lamp monitoring terminal

(1) monitoring center

the monitoring center equipment is mainly composed of data server and data-6101 GPRS data transmission module (desktop). The server and GPRS module are connected by a string of u wires, and the first full-size cr929 aircraft (15) is installed on the server × 6 meters) the trial production of composite fuselage wall panel process parts has been successful. The operating system software, database software and monitoring system software. The software has many functions, such as active inquiry, data display, data storage, data query, alarm display, calculation of light on rate, generation of curve report and so on

(2) communication equipment

relies on China mobile GPRS network APN

(3) street lamp monitoring terminal

the monitoring terminal is the executive part of the control function in the street lamp control system, and also completes the signal acquisition, part of the data recording, calculation and other work in the detection function. It is mainly composed of ngprs data transmission module, electrical parameter acquisition module, switching power supply, standby power supply, relay, positive energy input board, battery pack, etc

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