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Shahe human resources fair glass industry recruitment talents

on October 20, 2015, Shahe 2015 autumn human resources fair was held in Shahe people's Park. Chenzengshan, vice chairman of Shahe CPPCC, zhaosumei, vice mayor of Shahe, Kong Lingqiao, director of Shahe human resources and Social Security Bureau, and other leaders attended the visit for guidance. The executive director of Hebei ruidiluo discussed entrepreneurship and employment with the visiting leaders

this talent fair has more than 90 enterprises for recruitment, covering more than 20 industries such as glass, real estate, department stores, chemicals, building materials, agriculture and forestry, hotels, automobiles, media, education, insurance, labor dispatch, fitness, etc., and can provide more than 6000 jobs. Among them, there are 25 glass enterprises, including ten original film enterprises such as safety, Zhengda, Xinli, Dejin, Daguang, Haisheng, Yuanhua, Xinlei, and glass deep-processing enterprises such as Zhihe and Jianliang with good development strength. In addition, there are special glass trading enterprises such as Shahe Weina glass. Hebei ruidiluo company participated in the recruitment with 7 excellent glass cooperation businesses, including Huacheng, wangyingjia, Hongcai, Yaozhou, Jiameng, Feifan and Huimin

in terms of enterprise recruitment characteristics, in addition to ensuring better quality and performance, regular and professional manufacturers prefer technical types of work, while glass processing enterprises and trading companies have a large demand for sales talents, including foreign trade professional sales talents. First, due to the current overall decline in the industry, enterprises maintain production but need to develop new markets to bring new areas of survival. Second, Shahe glass has a high concentration, and sales talents often change jobs. Sales talents trained for several hours will change jobs to another glass enterprise due to various factors due to industry accommodation. Although there is some helplessness, the enterprise still needs to cultivate new talents to deal with the market. 3、 Enterprises are paying more and more attention to the development of the overseas market with a total profit and tax of more than 2billion yuan, but there is a serious shortage of talents proficient in foreign languages or foreign exchange technology, which enterprises can't ask for

from this point of view, the overall industry situation of glass saturation has not caused the demand for professional talents of Shahe glass, but at the same time, we must also admit that professional, specialized and special talents are few in the market. Yibo vocational training school sees this reality, and is open to the industry to cultivate professional sales talents, e-commerce marketing talents, accept enterprise customization, and entrust professional talents for enterprises

at the same time, Shahe college students' entrepreneurship Park attracted a group of college students to inquire. In the severe employment situation, many college students returned to their hometown to start businesses, but the problems of inadequate technology, equipment, capital and so on also made them feel weak about entrepreneurship and the development of extruder industry. Shahe college students' entrepreneurship Park can provide support in places, technologies, equipment, funds and other aspects for college students with entrepreneurial ideas, so that they can use the advanced technologies and ideas they have learned to create more economic value and social value

Hebei ruidiluo company, as an industry specialized platform, Yibo vocational training school and Shahe college student entrepreneurship Park, provide skills training, entrepreneurship space, recruitment notices and other services to the society for many years, and provide human resources services for Shahe glass industry and social industries

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