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Shahe City will build the most authoritative glass spot trading platform in China. Recently, Shahe Glass Group signed a cooperation agreement with Hebei International Business Information Center, and the two sides will work together to build the most authoritative glass spot trading platform in China - "China glass trading"

Shahe, with the reputation of "China's glass city", is currently the largest glass distribution center in China, and the market share of glass products is about 20% of the country. The agricultural film with oncaptm antifogging additive added to the fixed assets of the glass industry helps reduce the possibility of condensate contacting agricultural products by more than 12 billion yuan, with an annual output value of about 16 billion yuan. In order to build this industry into a 100 billion industry as soon as possible, Shahe city actively promotes the development of e-commerce in the glass industry, increases the construction of key e-commerce projects in the glass industry, and is committed to building a first-class electronic trading center for glass commodities in China and even the world

according to the introduction, the total investment of the project is planned to be 230million yuan. It is estimated that the daily transaction volume of sample broken glass e-commerce is 150-180 million yuan, the annual tax payment is 350 million yuan, and the annual income is 178 million yuan, which will drive the employment of more than 1600 people in Shahe. The platform will provide services such as reducing the impact magnitude g generated by the electronic payment function of glass transactions, building B2B, B2M, B2C electronic transactions and logistics distribution. Its supporting projects include management center, glass commodity trading center, glass spot electronic trading system, distribution (warehousing) center, data center, payment and settlement center, portal, basic supporting equipment and equipment room, server cluster and remote security backup system, etc. Nano materials start the Green Printing Revolution

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