The hottest Shahe glass inventory is 4.68 million

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Shahe glass inventory 4.68 million heavy boxes, the price is slightly higher than the same period

as of March 29, Shahe float glass inventory 4.68 million heavy boxes, the average price of 50 yuan/heavy box, about 4 yuan/heavy box higher than the same period last year

currently, 36 pieces of Shahe float glass are in production, 7 pieces are cold repaired, and the daily melting capacity is 23860 tons. According to market research, the sales of float glass are mainly 4mm, 5mm, 12mm and 15mm, accounting for 901% of the market. Generally, the design of stress-bearing structures takes yield strength as the stress-bearing basis of materials

because the glass price is affected by market competition factors, the maximum inventory of enterprises is generally the production volume of about 10 days. Once this value is exceeded, policies such as price reduction or preferential measures will be taken to reduce the inventory. At present, the inventory in Shahe market is at the normal level of about 3 days' production. Therefore, the price is basically stable

the overall market price of the country is also at a stable level. Shahe is still relatively low due to the relatively low cost of raw materials. At present, the price is above the profit and loss baseline. Compared with the beginning of the year, the price has gradually recovered. When purchasing spring fatigue testing machines, we can choose regular manufacturers. There is a trend of gradual improvement, but the range is relatively small

judging from the market, in the short term, various markets may focus on stable delivery

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