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Auto power connector spring card mold design

Abstract: determine three pairs of single die punching for long and short spring cards: one pair of punching groove, waist shaped bubble and blanking; 1 bending; 1 pair of push bending forming. The blanking die realizes continuous blanking without waste. The springback deformation of the material is considered in bending, and the wedge slider mechanism is used in forming

key words: continuous blanking without waste; Limit column; Rebound deformation; Determination of the forming process scheme of the wedge slider


Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the long and short spring cards of the automobile power connector. The parts are made of 6 local 24-hour uninterrupted acceptance business 5MN steel annealed strip, with a width of 5mm and a thickness of 0.4mm. After blanking, bending and forming, quenching, tempering and nickel plating are carried out

2 design of blanking die for long and short spring clips

the rear guide pillar die base is adopted. Figure 3 is the plane assembly drawing of blanking die. The die 2 is grooved. If the fault is eliminated, the die 3 presses the waist bubble, and the die 4 is cut at a. The extended length of the long spring card is determined to be 56mm, and the extended length of the short spring card is determined to be 46mm. Part 6 is a movable stop with a width of 10mm. When punching the social practice card of the spring testing machine, insert it into Part 5. In order to ensure the height of waist bubble 0 05mm (see Figure 1 and Figure 2), two pairs of limit posts must be installed on the die base to limit the depth of the bottom dead center of the bubble punch into the concave die, and the limit posts must be quenched

set the spring top block on the waist shaped foam concave die 3 to make the feeding smooth. The blanking die adopts a rigid discharge plate, which is also used as a guide plate. The cutting at a is single-sided punching, and the cutting punch should be added with 5 back corners. In this way, continuous waste free blanking can be realized except that the first blanking is waste

3 design of bending die

Figure 4 shows the bending deformation process, and figure 5 shows the assembly drawing of bending closing device. Place the blanking part on the female die spring top block 7, press it to the shape of figure 4A first, and the spring top rod 3 will compress the flat end to prevent cocking. The male die continues to bend downward, and press the material to the shape of figure 4B. The female die spring top block 7 and the bending female die 8 are separated at point B (point B is the tangent point of the two arcs of the product)

the bending rebound angle is determined to be 3, and the bending punch radius is determined to be r15.06mm. The calculation is as follows:

4 Design of forming die

1 set of die for the forming of long and short spring cards. The size of forming punch and concave die is according to the product drawing, and the spring is added to the rear of punch to make it float. When introducing the packaging stamping certified by the [Forest Management Commission], the punch first presses the material, and then the wedge pushes the slider to form

5 conclusion

the key problem of the die design is the springback deformation. The forming height size 6mm and the bending radius r, 1.5mm, are difficult to guarantee. The mold design adopts reasonable blanking, bending, forming methods and mold structure. After repeated trial production, it meets the requirements of product forming size, forms mass production, and brings good economic benefits to the enterprise. (end)

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