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CNC lathe telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover design

CNC lathe telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover and machine tool steel plate protective cover are supporting products of machine tools, which are designed according to the concept of safety protection. First of all, the personal safety of the operator must be considered. The safety protection device must meet the corresponding safety requirements to ensure sufficient strength, stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance within the specified service life. In short, it is necessary to ensure that the protective cover of the machine tool itself has sufficient safety and reliability. In addition, when designing the steel protective cover of machine tools, we should also consider the possible dangerous states, such as misoperation, emergencies and other special situations. Ensure personal safety. At present, there are many kinds of CNC systems on the telescopic protective plate and steel protective cover of CNC lathe, with different forms, and each has its own characteristics in composition and structure. These structural features come from the basic requirements of the initial design of the system and the ideas of engineering design. For example, there are different requirements for point control system and continuous trajectory control system. There are also great differences between T system and M system. The former is applicable to the processing of rotating parts, and the latter is applicable to the processing of non rotating parts with special shapes. With the continuous improvement of mechanical equipment, the requirements of protection system are also increased, especially the use of servo motor makes the speed of processing machinery higher and higher, and the requirements of protection speed are also higher and higher. High speed and reliability are the development trend of machine tool protective cover in the future. CNC lathe telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover design

machine experimental instrument: bed telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover is the traditional protective form of machine tools. In this field, the guide rail protective cover of steel plate machine tools is widely used, which plays an effective protective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp things. Through certain structural measures and appropriate scraping plates, the infiltration of coolant can also be effectively reduced. Technical data the steel plate protective cover is made of high-quality mm thick steel plate by cold pressing. It can also be made of stainless steel according to requirements. Special surface polishing will make it appreciate in value. For different manufacturers, based on the influence of historical development factors and complex factors that vary from place to place, their design ideas may also be different. The telescopic protective plate steel shield of CNC lathe adopts small plate structure, which is convenient for plate replacement and flexible combination, while the FANUC System in Japan tends to large plate structure, which is conducive to the reliability of the system work and promotes the continuous improvement of the average failure free rate of the system. However, no matter what kind of system, their basic principles and composition are very similar. Provide corresponding guide rail protection types for all machine tools (when the horizontal sample is not broken, causing the hammer body to rebound, vertical, inclined, horizontal). CNC lathe telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover design

machine tool telescopic protective plate steel plate protective cover according to the running speed and guide rail, the protective cover structure we developed is also different. The running speed is 10m/in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, we are equipped with polyurethane or brass sliders below min. We are equipped with rollers at medium speeds below 30m/min. In addition, the inclined type can make the liquid and debris flow away excellently. The number of sections of steel plate protective cover is very important to its proportion, weight and operating characteristics. Each single section that cannot be weighed should be as long as possible, so as to reduce the number of sections and reduce the cost. Generally, the whole CNC system consists of three parts: control system, servo system and position measurement system. The control system performs interpolation operation according to the workpiece processing program and sends control instructions to the servo drive system; The servo drive system amplifies the control command, and the servo motor drives the machinery to move as required; The measuring system detects the moving position or speed of the machine and feeds it back to the control system to correct the control command. The three parts of the telescopic protective plate and steel plate protective cover of the CNC lathe are organically combined to form a complete closed-loop control CNC system. Generally, the tensile compression ratio should be between 3:1 and 5:1 (Zui can reach 10:1). Design of steel plate protective cover for telescopic protective plate of CNC lathe

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