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Shahe Dongyao building materials has a fire, and the economic losses have not been liquidated.

recently, there was a fire in Shahe Dongyao building materials Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province. After the accident, relevant departments rushed to the scene for rescue

Shahe Dongyao building materials Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. Its products are mainly calendered glass, with a daily melting of 220 tons of glass according to the different products. Due to environmental protection policies and industrial structure adjustment, the company is in a state of shutdown. According to the requirements of environmental protection policies, the company is installing and commissioning desulfurization and denitration equipment

recently, the environmental protection equipment manufacturer debugged the environmental protection equipment of Dongyao building materials. During the debugging process of the technicians of the environmental protection equipment manufacturer, the wet electrostatic precipitator part of the environmental protection equipment caught fire. After the company personnel found it, they called 119 ahead of time. The fire brigade entered the factory at 11:30 to put out the fire. At 12:00, we welcome the assistance of industry elite enterprises. This meeting completely eliminated the potential fire hazard at 20:00. The accident did not cause casualties and the feedback data value of the sensor can form a linear large environmental pollution, and the economic losses are being estimated

after the accident, the main leaders of the municipal government, personnel from the Development Zone Management Committee, emergency management, public security, environmental protection, electric power, natural gas and other relevant departments came to the scene for rescue. After the on-site open fire was eliminated, the public security department controlled the two debugging personnel and is investigating and inquiring. In case of any new situation, the person in charge of the company said that he would continue to report it

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