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Shahe Service Outsourcing Industry Symposium proposed a number of glass industry policies

the service outsourcing symposium held by Shahe municipal government was held in the conference hall of the municipal government on February 24. Wang Jianjiang, vice mayor of Shahe City, presided over the meeting. Wang Hongbin, director of the Bureau of Commerce and grain, Hebei ruidiluo Technical Service Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shahe glass and Yibo mall. 5. Microcomputer level adjustment auxiliary system More than 10 enterprises including Shahe Glass Research Institute, Dejin glass technology park, Longxing Chemical R & D center, Hebei xunbo logistics and Dadong logistics participated in the symposium

in combination with the actual situation of our city, we will propose outsourcing services in seven areas, including science and technology R & D service outsourcing, e-commerce service outsourcing, logistics service outsourcing, tourism and exhibition service outsourcing, software R & D service outsourcing, call center, government public service outsourcing

the key projects involving the glass industry include the following formula: seize the opportunity of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and encourage innovative research and development with high-tech enterprises and universities; Give full play to the advantages of the development of e-commerce in our city, focus on the construction of e-commerce enterprises such as ruidiluo Technology Co., Ltd., and speed up the introduction of e-commerce outsourcing service enterprises such as e-commerce agent operation, mobile application, creative art, software development, platform maintenance, technical maintenance, network promotion, customer contact and service, after-sales service, etc. on the basis of cultivating e-commerce service providers in our city, so as to guide the comprehensive and rapid development of e-commerce service outsourcing in the city; In addition, relying on the project development prospects of the city's advantageous industries, vigorously support and expand the third-party logistics outsourcing enterprises, improve and improve the informatization, standardization and specialization level of logistics enterprises, and accelerate the development of logistics service outsourcing; Give full play to the advantages of our city's tourism resources, combine the spring and autumn glass exhibitions, record the strength of the accounting machine in the external environment, coordinate the organizational culture, and then focus on supporting local tourism and exhibition service outsourcing enterprises, and introduce a large professional tourism and exhibition service outsourcing enterprise

at the same time, the symposium formulated support policies for the service outsourcing industry: including the declaration of special funds, the arrangement of corresponding supporting funds, which are mainly used to support the carrier of the service outsourcing industry and environmental construction, public, expand the investment and financing channels of service outsourcing enterprises, directly register service outsourcing enterprises that meet the relevant enterprise registration conditions, implement flexible and pragmatic labor security policies, talent incentive policies, etc, Effectively safeguard the interests of outsourcing service enterprises, establish a long-term mechanism, and build our city's characteristic service outsourcing industry

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