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Shahe glass has actively driven the national glass prices to plan to increase one after another

after the Spring Festival holiday, the northern region, especially titanium dioxide, will promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises after the improvement of access conditions. The price will be discussed separately.) its Shahe market has been slightly increased for many times, and recently issued a notice of joint increase of many enterprises. The action of the weathervane, which actively drives the market price, undoubtedly has a positive effect on other regions

in the past two days, production enterprises in the South have also begun to carry out regional coordination

South China earth held the first market coordination meeting in 2018 to discuss the price trend. After the meeting, it was decided that the price of white glass would rise by 40 yuan from today. According to the news released by the manufacturer, most of them increased their prices by 20 yuan today

some manufacturers in East China also had a small-scale coordination in the early stage. The quotation of manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions today basically increased by about 20 yuan

Chaoyang Zhongbo in Northeast China also plans to increase by 20 yuan. From the perspective of the manufacturer's marketing strategy, it is still mainly to boost market confidence, and the resumption of downstream traders and processing enterprises is gradually increasing. It is worth noting that under the background of a substantial reduction in production capacity in some regions last year, the current inventory has increased by about 30% year-on-year, and the manufacturer's inventory pressure is too high

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