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Shagang rose 150! Thread 4636 climbs to a new high. Is steel price afraid of high

today, the high level of the black futures market fell, the spot market price rose narrowly, and the market transaction was obviously light. Under this, the billet price fell by 10 to 4100 yuan/ton. Today, Shagang announced its pricing policy in late August, with a 150% increase in thread and a 100% increase in thread, which was less than market expectations. At present, the current market supply and demand is still weak, inventory is low, and Tangshan restarted heavy pollution emergency response and emission reduction measures from today to the 27th, which supports the market mentality

today, the domestic black series commodity futures closed down across the board, with a large decline in raw materials and a small decline in finished materials. Specifically, affected by the sharp callback of the high level of coke, the black series continued to fluctuate and decline today, and there was a phase limit callback trend in the short term. With the continuous environmental protection and production restriction, the negotiable resources in the spot were limited, resulting in a relatively strong spot price, and a relatively small callback in finished material futures. Technically, The futures price trend has been corrected, but the moving average portfolio shows a long trend, and the short-term thinking is still too much. In terms of operation, it is recommended to continue to hold multiple orders

today, 12 steel mills across the country released price adjustment information, and the price continued to rise by yuan/ton

steel spot market

construction steel: the price of domestic construction steel continued to rise today. In terms of the physical price in September 2014, the average price in 25 major cities across the country was 4637 yuan/ton, up 22 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Specifically, the quotation of merchants in the early trading day was stable or slightly increased, and the price fluctuated in a narrow range in the middle of the trading day. The enthusiasm of terminal procurement was not strong, and some merchants had a sneak down operation. The market remained cold in the afternoon, and the price was mainly stable. On the one hand, today, the leading steel mills in East China issued a late price policy, with the thread rising by 150 and the coil rising by 100. The steel mills pushed up actively. At the same time, the shortage of market specifications and the shortage of resources did not significantly improve; On the other hand, the current market price is higher than the inventory cost price of most businesses. Affected by the fear of heights, the feeling of falling into the bag is strong. On the whole, it is expected that the domestic construction steel price may fluctuate at a high level in the short term

hot rolled coil: today, the hot-rolled price in 24 major cities in China rose slightly. The national average price of 4.75 hot-rolled coil was 4417 yuan/ton, up from the previous trading day. Three different upper dies were developed at 15 yuan/ton. Today, the futures market was volatile, the market was in a strong wait-and-see mood, and merchants' quotations rose slightly in a stable manner. Due to the rapid rise in market prices yesterday, it takes time for downstream acceptance, the overall market transaction is weak, and it is difficult to deal with high-level resources. However, at present, there are relatively few market resources, coupled with the high order price of steel mills, which has a certain support for the market price. In addition, the market price of Tangshan Steel Billet fell by 10 yuan/ton today, and the current price of ordinary carbon billet is 4100 yuan/ton. Overall, it is expected that the hot rolling market price will fluctuate tomorrow

cold rolled sheet and stop oil pump motor coil: today, the national cold rolling price is mainly rising. Price: 1.0 the national average cold rolling price is 4927 yuan/ton, an increase of 22 yuan/ton over the previous working day. Market: today, the black futures disk fluctuated in a narrow range, and the market sentiment remained cautious. Although the spot market prices around the country continued to rise slightly, the market transactions were general, and the mentality of buying up rather than buying down was more common. At present, the inventory of merchants is at a reasonable level, and the mainstream specifications are relatively tight. The quotation of merchants is strong, but it is difficult to clinch a deal at a high level. The whole day is unusual. From the perspective of celestial bodies, it is expected that the cold rolling spot market price will fluctuate and stabilize tomorrow

medium and heavy plate: the market price of domestic medium and heavy plate rose slightly today. The average price of 20mm medium and heavy plate in 23 major cities across the country was 4534 yuan/ton, up 14 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Judging from the current market situation, the demand wait-and-see sentiment increased after the price strengthened, while the spot market continued to remain strong due to factors such as higher costs and less pressure on its own inventory. In the short term, at present, steel enterprises maintain a lot of bullish sentiment, and it is difficult to loosen the market cost in the short term, but businesses slow down the pace of growth for shipment consideration or Appropriateness. It is comprehensively expected that the domestic medium and heavy plate market price may be consolidated and run stronger tomorrow

raw material spot market

iron ore: the sentiment of imported ore spot market today is relatively cold. The quotation of high-grade Australian powder is about yuan/ton lower than yesterday. The quotation of Pb powder in Shandong main port is yuan/ton, and the bargaining space is expanded from 5 yuan/ton yesterday to 7 yuan/ton. The quotation of Pb powder in Tangshan main port is 515 yuan/ton. In terms of low and medium-sized products, the quotation fell slightly by 5 yuan/ton compared with yesterday, and the quotation of ultra special powder was 310 yuan/ton, and the price was firm at about 308 yuan/ton

coke: today, the spot market in the domestic coke market is relatively strong, and coke enterprises generally increase by yuan/ton. A few 1 steel mills are gradually accepting the implementation, with varying increases (yuan/ton). In terms of environmental protection, the blue sky defense war started, the central environmental protection group settled in relevant areas, and the environmental protection production restriction in Shanxi intensified; In terms of coke enterprises, the sales of coke enterprises are smooth, some of them are out of stock, and the bullish sentiment is still high; In terms of steel mills, there are many median inventories in steel mills, with high enthusiasm for replenishment. On the whole, the landing range of coke in the short term will continue to expand

scrap: today, the mainstream of scrap market is stable and strong, and the transaction is general. North China scrap Market: finished products rose strongly, scrap was reluctant to sell. Steel plant weight a includes tax and does not include tax; East China scrap Market: slightly increased; The current market does not include tax: heavy waste, medium waste. The timber market rose slightly in early trading, and it is expected that the scrap market price will run smoothly tomorrow

special steel spot market

structural steel: on the 21st, the market price of structural steel in Hangzhou rose yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream quotation of HANGGANG 45 × carbon circle is 4700 yuan/ton. In terms of transaction: the large-scale transaction is in tons, and the small and medium-sized transaction is in tons, which is similar to that of the previous trading day. Today, the price adjustment of steel mills continued to rise, and the market quotation followed the rise. The futures fluctuated, and the price was relatively strong in the afternoon. Today, market shipments improved slightly, and traders were optimistic about the price trend in the later period. It is expected that the price will run stably for the time being tomorrow

hot rolled tube blank: on the 21st, the tube blank market in Jiangsu rose by 30. Early in the morning, Huaigang released a price adjustment in late October, with an increase of 80 yuan/ton for tube billet steel and 30 yuan/ton for Dongfang special steel. Steel mills continued to rise, and the market followed. Today, the market recovered slightly, the spot transaction performance was average, and the short-term price may be stable and strong

steel market forecast

today, all black series commodities are weak, and the downward trend of coke is the most obvious. Under the recent strong rise of black series, there is a callback trend on the disk. Under the influence of large volume of transactions in the spot market a few days ago, although the transaction fell, the price performance is still strong. At present, under the callback of the futures disk, the price in the spot market is high, and the power is slightly insufficient under the support of actual demand. In addition, the rapid rise of the price also leads to increased costs, increased risks, and increasingly cautious business mentality. Shipping is the main tone of businesses in the current market. However, under the background of acceptable inventory pressure and increased costs, the possibility of sharp price decline is relatively small, so it is expected that the domestic steel price will run in a volatile and weakening trend in the short term

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