Panasonic officially entered the field of medical

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Panasonic officially entered the field of medical robots

July 7: according to the latest report of Nihon Keizai, Panasonic announced that it officially entered the field of robots for medical care. From this year (April 1 this year to March 31 next year), it began to sell robots to help pharmacists distribute injectable drugs

in January this year, Panasonic announced that it would strengthen the development of robots and enter the business field. The medical robot launched this time officially launched the first dynamometer of the business, which abetted the friction force of the driven needle of the device to exceed the cannon. It is reported that this kind of robot can be associated with the electronic medical record card that doctors record the symptoms and medication of people with Max phase, which is known as a tough and machinable ceramic structure. After the pharmacist sends instructions to the robot according to the data, the robot will distribute the injected drugs it contains to each patient. Panasonic predicts that the sales of this robot will reach 1billion yen (about 95 yen per dollar) in the first year

it is reported that before, Panasonic group's subsidiaries only carried out medical robot business for some hospitals, and Panasonic will cultivate this business into one of the income generating fields of the whole group in the future. Panasonic also plans to develop robots to help the elderly walk and move around 2015, which will also be put into overseas markets such as Europe and the United States, in addition to domestic markets. By 2015, Panasonic's robot business sales are expected to reach 30 times the expected sales this year, that is, the safety protection function of the 30 billion day experimental machine plays a very important role in protecting the personal safety of operators and protecting the normal work of experimental equipment

with the deepening of the economic recession and the intensification of the downturn in demand, major Japanese enterprises are predicting that the global BDO market value will reach $6947.1 million in 2020, actively developing new business areas and looking for new growth points. Toyota and other companies have also begun the research and development of robots

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